Electric Motocross MTB Hybrid, Powerful Off Road Electric...

Electric Motocross MTB Hybrid, Powerful Off Road Electric...


Let SS10 take you to new heights and beyond! Featuring a high-powered engine of 8000w, top-rated components, and a  strong frame built both for lightness and resistance, the SS10 is the perfect bike for all kinds of ocasions, from a holiday in rocky mountains with rough terrain to a ride around town during the weekdays. 

Featuring a Color Display, a Power-Assist System, and durable Panasonic® Batteries, this bike can reach speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph) and ride all the way to 90 Km (56 miles) in a single battery charge!  

8000W Electric Engine for a top speed of 100 Km/h (50 mph)

Front and Rear Hydraulic Breaks for Maximum Stopping Power

Rear-Suspension Shock Absorbers Guarantees Stable and Bumpless Rides Even in the Toughest Terrain

26 inches Motorcycle Tires for Extra Traction, Precision and Safety. Go off-road!

Carbon Steel Frame for extra durability and resistance to all kinds of environment and weather.

Motorcycle Cushion Seats providing Additional Vibration Absorption and Pressure Relief

Optional Adjustable Bike Seats allows setting Optimal Height for a more comfortable Ride

Instrument Color Display allows instant access to speed, distance travelled, battery levels and more

Power Assist Sensor detects your cycling rate, enabling motor-powered assistance to your pedaling.  

Specs. : 

Engine Power 8000W 

Engine Brushless Motor Magnetic Steel Height 45H 3T Winding 

Frame Plate T2 Plastic Coated

Carbon Steel 

Maximum Speed 100km/h 

Range 90km 

Controller Sinusoidal Programmable Optional Bluetooth 24G150A 

Transmission No Transmission 

Colour Black, Green, White and Red 

Tyre KENDA 26*2.6 Mountain Tyre 

Brake Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake 

Headlamp Adjustable Far and Near Light 

Instrument Display TFT UCK1 Color display 

Charger 48/72V3A Automatic Wide Voltage 

Saddle Motorcycle Cushion 

Battery 72V40ah Panasonic 

Power Assist System Medium Power Assist Sensor 

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